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Writing Out of the Box: 

Astonishing prose in a mere five or 10 minutes


Come to Writing Out of the Box to satisfy your curiosity and stay to be inspired, entertained, change your perspective, learn about yourself and just have fun finding out what others have to say on the same subject. For details, take a look at the Writing Out of the Box page.


Hop on the 

memoir bandwagon in a workshop, with a bunch of friends, or a private coach.

What in the world is

 a Whipple, you ask

The beauty of writing a memoir as opposed to an autobiography is that you can take any period of your life and focus on whatever you choose, writing a narrative that includes the details you feel are critical to the story. But along with the freedom means you have that many more decisions to make. From the very  beginning,  the writing

is sure to go more smoothly if you have honest feedback along the way, someone  to applaud, suggest, or just listen as you sort it all out 


Turn to  Creating Memoir. 






The Whipple Procedure is used to remove cancer in the pancreas... it's an abdominal extravaganza that reorganizes the digestive system.

I am healthy today, and very grateful. But here is the story of what happened on the way to wellness. I knew one thing going into this crazy little adventure: I needed to treat my friends to a lovely brunch (with Prosecco) to thank them in advance for the help I was about to hit them up for. Check out The Whipple Brunch page. 

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