Jumpstart your memoir


Writing can be an isolated business, and it helps to have company along the way to share the experience, applaud, give feedback, or just listen.


Does the idea of writing about your own life appeal to you? You may have memories you want to leave as a legacy for your family or have areas you'd like to revisit, coming at the past with a new perspective on your own life as time goes by. A memoir opens the door to writing about whatever you decide.  You'd like to begin but you need structure, ideas, reassurance? Take a number, you have lots of company - it's just one decision after another and that can daunting!

Here are two options to consider

1. Arrange for private memoir coaching


I am agreeable to meeting you where you are, even helping you decide whether a memoir is the right vehicle for your writing. Maybe you would rather write about your life from the very beginning to the present day -- that would be an autobiography! Or you may choose to creative nonfiction. Any of these options are all about the story, keeping a consistent voice, telling it in such a way that the reader stays engaged.


I have helped people with memoirs in a variety of ways, all the way from ghostwriting to copyediting. Mostly I help people get going, establish parameters, often narrow the focus, ferret out the theme. I provide help in cutting through the mental clutter and providing accountability. I employ bookending, a practice in which the writer establishes goals and checks in with me when the benchmark has been met.


 2. Use a facilitator for your own small group


You might like to try writing with your own friends or an already-established group. You could meet and decide what you would like to do as far as where, when to get together, and what your interests are. This type of group has worked well in the past.


Please get in touch with me via email at andreajtc@gmail.com anytime. I will get back to you.












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Remember: You are the captain of your memoir,

but that doesn't mean it has to be a solo journey.